How to Travel when You Can’t Travel

water side sunset

Scratching the Travel Itch while Social Distancing

As many of us are facing several weeks or more of social distancing, I found myself wishing I could get on an airplane and go hide out on an island for several weeks. However, since that is not possible right now, I began thinking about things those of us who crave travel and adventure can do at home to help us get through this time. Of course there are some obvious ideas, like planning and booking future travel. Airfare, cruises, and hotels are offering lower rates for now. I’m not certain how far in advance you can schedule and still get great rates, but it’s certainly worth considering.

Planning and Exploring with Mini Virtual Vacations

Ocean Sunset

Ocean Sunset

If you are not comfortable booking travel at this point, you can engage in virtual travel. National Geographic and Travel and Leisure have some great videos to inspire your wanderlust.  You can also share memories and stories of your previous vacations and travel adventures.  Some of ours include a trip to Las Vegas and a fun cruise to the Caribbean. It’s a good time to share your travel experiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other Social Media channels.  Connect with others, learn about their travel adventures, and make new friends.  If there is a particular area of the world you would like to see, you can also search for their tourist industry websites for the most up to date information. Some of those local sites also have webcams of their more popular tourist spots.

Preparing for Future Adventures

paddle boarding

paddle boarding

Those of you who have a more adventurous streak, like me, can take advantage of online options as well. The DownDog yoga app is offering several of their workouts for free at least until the beginning of April. If you have been considering getting certified for diving, you can do the book portion of the certification program completely on line. Check out the PADI website for more information. You can also research and book various opportunities to try new opportunities once it is safe to travel or engage locally.

Plan for Local Fun

Speaking of local opportunities, there are probably things you have not tried in your own back yard. This is a great time to research and plan. Many places also have gift certificates you can purchase on-line for future use. That not only gives you something to look forward to, but also might be a real blessing to a smaller business. Depending on where you live, check out water activities like kayaking, SUP, tubing, or rafting. Or find a place to give horseback riding or rock-climbing a try. Many local parks are open, which means you can go hiking now. Whatever activity you have been dreaming of trying is out there somewhere.

Explore Fabulous Flavors from Around the World

cocktails on the beach

cocktails on the beach

Let’s not forget food and drink. Assuming you can get the necessary ingredients, you can transport yourself to a different place by trying a recipe that would be common in you destination of choice. Or look for restaurants that specialize in those cuisines and buy yourself a gift certificate to use later. To me, a rum drink always brings on the great beachy vibe. Our friends over at Spruce Eats recently posted a fantastic list of 20 rum drinks you can learn to make.

Above all, take care of yourselves, wash your hands, and be kind to others. We will see you out and about soon!

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Hello from Northern Virginia
  • Lynn says:

    I love these ideas! I’ve always believed travel planning is half the fun 😉 It’s so true that you can explore different cultures through their cuisine too, no travel required. Great post to help us through this crazy time!

    • Dan & Jen says:

      Thank you Lynn! Dan & I have been doing a lot of travel planning this weekend, travel planning is very fun! We are also learning a new language together which can be comical couples activity. We have been using the Rosetta Stone language learning software and just started using the free Duolingo app on our iPhones. These tools make it easy to learn how to speak a new language. Learning a new language together while having rum drinks is solid entertainment!

      Living in the Washington DC area provides us easy access to some of the best restaurants in the world, just like living in New York. Dan and I are new to cooking finer cuisine at home, but wine makes it a playful experience. Please let us know if you try some of those recipes.

    • Dan & Jen says:

      It’s amazing how much our brains can take us on a mini-vacation just by watching videos or trying a new food. Of course the rum drinks always help as well!

  • Travel Bugs World says:

    Great work guys! I love this post! And this is what we should all be doing. Finding the things we love and doing them in whatever is currently possible.. And being inspired to do the things we have wanted to do for so long!!

    • Dan & Jen says:

      Thanks! We all need to do our part to limit the spread of the virus, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our dreams of travel and adventure. We get into a pattern of going to the same places and engaging in the same activities. This is a chance to discover new places to go and find activities that perhaps we never would have considered before.

  • Riana Ang-Canning says:

    Great tips! I agree that now is a great time to start planning for future trips since we have so much time to plan before we can travel again. I love trip planning, learning about new places and researching potential trips. And great point too to travel through food!

    • Dan & Jen says:

      Thank you Riana! It’s a good thing that travel planning is so fun. I think you’re right about all of us having a lot of extra time over the next several weeks for travel planning. We get so many great ideas about fun trips from blogs like yours! Our goal for the next several days includes visiting travel blogs and learning as much as we can from everyone’s travel experiences.

  • Lisa says:

    I love your idea about the drinks! It’s very hard for those of us who enjoy travelling, but your list has given me some top tips on how to still enjoy wanderlust, just indoors. Stay safe xxx

    • Dan & Jen says:

      Thanks Lisa! We understand how you feel, it has been very difficult to resist traveling. We have enjoyed experimenting with learning how to make crafted cocktails. We have added several immune-boosting cocktails to our repertoire to support staying healthy during this COVID-19 Crisis. One of our favorite new cocktails we’re calling the “Purple Immunizer” is easy to make.

      Purple Immunizer

      • Shot of Gin (Hendricks)
      • Teaspoon of Black Elderberry Syrup
      • 2 Crushed Mint Leaves
      • 2 Parts Tonic
      • Splash of Rose Water

      Combine ingredients in highball glass with ice.

      Keep safe and stay healthy.